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By 03/02/2023No Comments

Pretty Good issue 4 has been sat in a pile by my desk for over a month now because I’ve been so busy with moving to another country and starting a new job that I haven’t had the mental capacity to even think about how I might go about sending these things to people when Brexit bullshit now means that sending an A5 zine from Germany to the UK costs around 9 Euros. Which obviously fucks with my ‘pay what you want’ pricing because it makes shit unaffordable. Also, I’m on a self-imposed Instagram ban until 2024 at least so how the fuck do I even let people know they’re available?

However, my good friend Bex has agreed to distribute a bunch of these to people in the UK on my behalf if I send her a box, which I’m gonna do. If you’re interested enough in what I do to be reading this, then I’ve already arranged for one to be sent to you free-of-charge because I honestly can’t be fucked to fill in customs forms and whatever else, so consider it a thank you for supporting the project so far. For those of you that still want to buy one, they are also in the shop, but the price is now 15EUR so I can cover my costs.

I still haven’t decided what this means for future issues, but I’ll figure something out. Watch this space.

Oh yeah, also the title on the front of this doesn’t match the back, or inside. I basically lost my mind during the months I was making it. It is still Pretty Good though, I promise.


Mercenary Designer.