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I’ve been working on this project for a while, a whole year in fact.

Last year, I set myself a project to make a zine every three months, I really enjoyed the process and I particularly enjoyed the feeling at the conclusion where I was able to sit back and admire the neat little pile of quality physical products I’d made over the course of that year. I can still hold them in my hand now and get a sense of where I was and what I was doing during the creation of each one. I love the magical weightiness of bringing my work into the physical realm in an ever-more-digital world.

So, this year I wanted more of that. More weight, more heft, more physicality. So I decided to make a single, chunky book that would record the entire year. Not a zine which represents three months. The book you see above is the conclusion of this project, I named it Arbeit. It’s partly autobiographical, partly abstract, partly documentarian. It’s just exactly what I wanted it to be.

I have no idea what next year’s project will be at this point. But I have a feeling it won’t be physical as it’s hard to make something weightier and more satisfying than this. Maybe it will be video or even audio based, I look forward to figuring it out.

Arbeit is available now for £65 including P&P anywhere in the UK.


Mercenary Designer.