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“It’s always been like this” sighs Anya – “shit coffee in here, gourmet shit out there. I mean you can go out there and help yourself if you like, in theory. But you better believe all those fuckers are gonna stare at you, like ‘who the fuck does she think she is?’ There’s this invisible line and clearly we’re on this side of it. I mean sometimes I would love a nice fucking coffee y’know? But it’s not fucking worth it, I’ve got enough shit to deal with. Besides at least this stuff is quick – I don’t need to to stand there doing barista shit, waiting around like a fucking idiot.”

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By Art, Photography

I was going to edit these photos from a recent shoot with my partner, artist Judas Companion, like a normal photoshoot. But then I slipped with the hue slider while…

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By Photography

Currently experimenting with making my own cyanotype prints as a way to introduce more imperfection into the often boringly-perfect world of digital photography. I’ve got lots of experiments planned with…

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